The 13th Asian Conference on Membrane Computing (ACMC 2024) & The International Conference on Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Automation Engineering (MLPRAE 2024)


Call For Papers

  • Machine Learning

Soft computing 

Genetic algorithm 

Evolutionary computation 

Quantum evolutionary computation 

Ant colony optimization algorithm 

DNF calculation 

Immune computing 

Group computing 

Chaos computing 

DNA computing 

Algorithm design and analysis 

Intelligent system 

Neural network 

Data analysis and mining 

Transfer learning 

Recommendation system 

Deep learning

  • Pattern Recognition

Membrane controller

Principle of pattern recognition

Model representation and selection

Signal recognition

Natural language processing and recognition

Biomedical science

Computer vision

Object detection, tracking and recognition

Biometric identification

Speech recognition

  • Automation engineering

Robot control

Automatic control system

Intelligent transportation technology and system

Automation and monitoring systems

Fuzzy system and fuzzy control

Neural networks and control

Multi-objective optimization

Robot path planning

Power supply fault diagnosis

Systems and synthetic biology

Bionic optimization