The 13th Asian Conference on Membrane Computing (ACMC 2024) & The International Conference on Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Automation Engineering (MLPRAE 2024)

ACMC 2024

Call For Papers

  • Theoretical aspects of membrane computing

Various variants of computing models: cell-, tissue- and neural-like P systems.

Computing power of membrane computing models.

Computing efficiency of membrane computing models.

  • Applications of membrane computing

Robot controller design.

Modeling using P systems for biosystems, biomedicine, ecological systems, etc.

Membrane-inspired optimization algorithms for various problems.

Fault diagnosis of various systems, such as robots, power systems, etc.

Image processing with P systems.

Information and communication technologies.

Information security and cryptography.

Other applications.

  • Implementation of membrane computing models

Software implementation.

Hardware implementation.

Biological implementation.

Biochip implementation.

Other implementations.

  • Related topics

Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques, such as optimization algorithms inspired by cells or DNA computing.

Other topics related to membrane computing or dealing with cellular computing, DNA computing, reaction systems, etc.